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Adriane Berg

Speaker & Advocate for Successful Aging

Adriane Berg is a leading expert and advocate for successful aging and an expert on the boomer, older adult and family caregiver.

She has designed hundreds of keynotes, seminars and acted as event consultant for top corporations, profit and non-profit organizations.

Adriane offers a unique package of services that save you time and enhance your reputation as a great event planner.

Adriane Berg's presentations revolve around every aspect of trends in aging, the aging of the baby boom generation, and the continuing need for health, housing, lifestyle, marketing, workforce, ethical, familial, policy and personal financial information, around the phenomenon.

Special expertise includes Aging in Place and Boomer Lifestyle, Marketing Trends, Social Media & Strategic Alliances, Boomer and Mature Travel, Home, Healthcare and Hospitality Design.


                  Selected Speaking Topics



  • Marketing To The Baby Boom And Silver Markets
  • Healthcare and Aging in Today's Financial & Legislative Environment
  • Websites, Images Collateral Material to Reach Boomers and Older Adults
  • Managing The Intergenerational Work Force
  • Tangential Marking--Marketing to the Adult Children of Older Parents
  • Heads in Beds-What the Hospitality Industry Can Teach Senior Housing
  • A Business Development Opportunity-The New Look of Old Age
  • 60 is the New 60-How to Attract the Elusive Boomer Market
  • Rider & Elephant-How to Create Organic Change in Your Senior Care Facility


Clients & Guests

  • Successful Aging and Relevancy in an Ageist World
  • The Art, Law and Science of LifeLong Independence
  • Healthcare and Aging in Today's Financial & Legislative Environment
  • The 7 Challenges of Longevity - Housing, Money, Ethics, Image, Work, Philanthropy and Health
  • How Not to Go Broke at 102- Achieving Everlasting Wealth
  • Your Money Line Deserves To Be As Long As Your Life Line
  • A Formula For Being Anything You Want To Be At Any Age
  • How to Talk to Your Children About Your Legacy
  • Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist



  • How to Create a Boomer Friendly Itinerary
  • Catering to the Older Traveler:  Lensing for the Travel Industry
  • Tourism for the Older Adult with Special Needs
  • The Ageless Traveler, Life Long Travel Made Easy
  • Relocation, Travel & Medical Tourism
  • Bucket List Itineraries
  • Do the Hard Trips First--Fitness and Health Around the World
  • The Boomer Roomer:  Why Can't I Read the Shower Shampoo Label?
  • International Cuisine:  Eating Anything and Everything Worldwide

Choose from these topics or design your one to suit your group's special needs.

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