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Adriane Berg

The Right Spokesperson for Your Product & Service


Adriane is a compelling spokesperson for products and services associated with successful aging in all its aspects. At age 65 Adriane is a symbol of successful aging, yet with the seasoning to deliver a message that resonates as genuine with your target market.

"I am an an on-air professional, but I am also a leading edge boomer with all of the life issues, concerns and triumphs that your products and services are designed to address to my demographic."

"Frankly, I get upset when I see 35 year olds delivering messages on aging.  It does not move me to action, and I believe that it does not move my colleagues and cohorts to action, either.  I like to hear from the voice of both professional and personal experiences."

She has been the spokesperson for the launch of the MBNA-Amercian Express affinity cards, the National Coupon Association, the launch of Penn Pacific's Long Term Care, and Launch spokesperson for the VTech CareLine™ telephone.

She makes guest appearances on numerous television shows and is a veteran infomercial and satellite tour spokesperson, including multiple appearances on OPRAH, Regis, and Good Morning America etc.



Adriane's Philosophy--It's Not Business, It's Personal


When you look for a spokesperson, you want more than someone who can deliver your message with credibility and professionalism. You want someone in tune with the meaning of the message, influential with your target market, and associated with the values of your product, service or organization.

Spokesperson work is personal. And when it incorporates the right message from the right messenger, you get powerful results.

A great spokesperson is in sync with the vision of the advertising agency, public relations or marketing firm that created your marketing plan or ad campaign. That's why so much of Adriane's work comes from these sources, by word of mouth.

They have heard how easy it is to work with Adriane, whether they are interested in her following their formulation to the letter, or whether they want to brainstorm with her for creative input.

 Here are just a few ways that Adriane can help if you are considering a spokesperson in your marketing plan:

  • Brainstorm with your in-house or outside marketing group to craft your message
  • Create separate but related messages for different target markets
  • Associate your message with the mega trend of longevity
  • Create an informational package to offer the public through which you can measure the impact of your message
  • Prepare web content that further informs the audience regarding your message, giving an opportunity to direct the audience to your web site


A Partial List of Spokesperson Work


  • Spokesperson for VTech to launch its CareLine phone, including providing blog and audio content for website and the publication of a complete EBook:  Just Keep Talking.
  • A satellite tour arranged by Golin Harris to launch the new MBNA-American Express affinity card
  • A 6 month TV/radio and press tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of coupons, arranged by the National Coupon Association
  • A year TV/radio/press tour to introduce the first long term care insurance policy marketed by First Penn Pacific
  • A seminar series to familiarize the public with reverse mortgages arranged by the Travelers
  • An edumerical hosted and written by Adriane Berg for the Money Store to teach the difference between fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages.
  • A satellite tour arranged by Can Do Women for Microsoft to launch a new financial software package
  • A Five State Tour with USAToday Retirement Lecture Series.


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